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The ICE Pay Team Will Ensure

  • Your payroll will be processed accurately and on time.
  • We will manage the administration of payment and submissions to Revenue on your behalf.
  • Your payroll will be monitored for tax efficiencies for both employer and employees.
  • Your data will be processed and stored in our secure facility. The processing and storage of your data off-site also reduces the possibility of confidential information about employees and their payments being seen by unauthorized persons in your organisation.
  • Your Payroll will be compliant with Taxation and Legal Requirements (Revenue, Data Protection and Anti-Money Laundering).
  • You will benefit from independent specialised control systems to monitor your payroll for inaccuracies and discrepancies.
  • Your organisation will have access to qualified Payroll specialists from ICE Group.

What We Do

 As a specialist Payroll Management Team, we provide a range of additional supports to your business ranging from compliance, reporting and control systems to additional added-value information and supports to your staff.

Calculations & Payments

  • Payroll processing based on data supplied for your employees.
  • The input of variable data to include permanent and temporary changes for all employees.
  • Accurate computation of all PAYE, PRSI and USC deductions.
  • Computation of Additional Payments and deductions.
  • Processing of additional elements e.g. expenses, commission, bonuses
  • Calculation and application of Benefit In Kind (BIK) for each pay period.
  • Computation and payment of Attachment of Earnings by Court Order.
  • Creation and upload of SEPA file for payment of employees directly from a client bank account (major Irish banks) each payday directly to your employees and third parties.


  • Review and comparison of raw data prior to calculations and processing.
  • Process quality checks including manual calculations and comparison with previous periods.
  • Preparation of preview files for approval by your authorised representative.
  • Payroll monitoring to ensure optimum tax efficiencies for employer and employees.
  • Completion of payroll on approval from authorised payroll representative.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of the Office of the Data Protection Commission.
  • Confidentiality of employees maintained
  • Data encryption and processing of payroll within our payroll systems.
  • Choice of: hard copy security sealed payslips, password protected payslips emailed to employees.


  • Confirmation of employee registration with Revenue for RPN.
  • Download and processing of RPN from Revenue for each pay period.
  • Preparation and submission of Revenue – Direct Payroll Reporting requirements.
  • Confirmation of liability to Revenue at appropriate cut-off date.
  • Preparation of year-end reporting
  • Preparation and submission of employee cessation to Revenue as required.


  • Control Summary with key Payroll Summary Details.
  • Gross-to-net report showing a summary of deductions from Gross Pay and resulting Nett payment due for all employees.
  • Summary Reports for all deductions: PAYE, PRSI, USC’s, Pensions, PRSA’s, BIK, etc.
  • Cost Reports for Departmental Analysis.
  • Monitoring and reporting of payments to Revenue.
  • Summary Revenue Payment Details by month.

Additional Services for Employers and Staff:

  • Analysis and review of payroll additions and deduction structure for maximum tax efficiencies.
  • Consultation with the employer on various payroll elements to ensure payroll cost optimization.
  • Periodic review of payroll for optimisation of payroll structure.
  • Preparation and submission of Central Statistics Office requirements [if requested].
  • Review of the service levels and performance with the client.

Work Smarter Not Harder

ICE Group never fails to deliver on the key aspects of payroll management that matter to our clients. Contact us today for a Payroll Service Consultation.

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