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We focus on the Payroll Process to reduce time consumption

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We reduce manual intervention and risk of error

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We make internal and external tasks work together.

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ICE Group Payroll

ICE Group have been providing payroll outsourcing services in Ireland since the 1980’s so you know you are in safe hands. Since then, payroll has changed dramatically as have we.

Our Payroll Bureau is ISO 90001 certified for outsourced services so you can be sure that your payroll is processed to an international standard of compliance.

We are also one of the first companies to adopt a 4 Day Working week, showing how we care about our own employees so you can be sure we will care about yours.

PAYE Modernisation

PAYE Modernisation changes the way employers process PAYE information and how they submit this information to Revenue. We help you with all of this. 

Work Smarter Not Harder

ICE Group never fails to deliver on the key aspects of payroll management that matter to our clients. Contact us today for a Payroll Service Consultation.

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